Drug Information and Pharmacy Resource Center
For Health Care Professionals Only

The Drug Information and Pharmacy Resource Center (DIPRC) is a service that answers questions for health care professionals who take care of UF Health patients. At this time, we do not accept questions from providers outside the UF Health system (except referring physicians). The center’s primary goal is to improve the quality of patient care by answering drug-related questions. Questions may be related to:

  • Drug availability
  • Drug identification
  • Drug therapy and efficacy
  • Investigational drugs
  • Side effects and adverse effects
  • Drug dosage and administration
  • Drug interactions
  • Drug use during pregnancy and while breastfeeding
  • IV compatibility and stability
  • Pharmacokinetics
  • Toxicology
  • Compounding
  • Alternative medications and natural products

The DIPRC is primarily staffed by doctor of pharmacy students who are in their last year of training. For several months during the year, the students are assisted by pharmacy residents who are registered pharmacists who have successfully completed their doctor of pharmacy degrees and who are receiving additional training. Students and residents complete one-month rotations in the DIPRC.

Before answers are given to the health care professionals, they are reviewed by a faculty member. 

Submit a Question

Restricted to UF Health Care Providers Only. To submit a question, please include the following information: contact information, question (with appropriate background information, when you need a response.

Drugs and Therapy Bulletin

Drugs & Therapy Bulletin is a monthly publication by the Department of Pharmacy Services and the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee of UF Health. Each month, this newsletter highlights the most important drug topics that challenge our department.

We will do our best to answer your question within 24 hours. Please indicate the priority level of your question in your request. We understand that all questions are important. However, our first priority is patient-specific questions. Our second priority is questions regarding general patient care. Other questions are further down on the priority list. Please let us know if you need an answer by a specific date.

Privacy Statement

Please be advised that this service is for health care professionals who take care of UF Health patients, including referring physicians, to communicate with the DIPRC, and is not for patients who have drug-related questions. If you have questions or concerns about your health, please contact your health care provider.

UF Health is committed to privacy. It is important that users of this Site understand that you can usually visit this Site without submitting any personal information. If you send us e-mail, respond to a survey, subscribe to one of our online publications, or complete one of our online forms, then we will have access to the information which you submitted. As a general rule, UF Health does not track individual visitor profiles. We do, however, analyze aggregate traffic/access information for our operational purposes. We do not share this information with any outside organization. However, due to the nature of electronic communication, we cannot and do not provide any assurance that the content of your e-mail will not become known or accessible to third parties. We urge you not to provide any confidential information about you or your health to us via electronic communication. If you do so it is at your own risk.

Contact the Center

Drug Information and Pharmacy Resource Center
UF Health Shands Hospital
1600 SW Archer Road
P.O. Box 100316
Gainesville, Florida 32610-0316

Phone: 352-265-0408
Fax: 352-265-1091
Email: UFDIC@shands.ufl.edu