Trauma Resuscitation Nurse Course


South Tower Auxiliary Conference Room 1204

Course Description

The TRNC is a four-hour course designed to enhance the knowledge of nurses who care for trauma patients during the initial resuscitation phase of care and to identify current progressive concepts of assessment and management of critically injured patients. This course is targeted toward emergency department registered nurses (RNs) and trauma nurses who care for critically injured patients during the initial resuscitation phase of care.

Learning Objectives

  • Relate the scope of trauma nursing to the trauma system.
  • Discuss the critical functions of the trauma resuscitation nurse.
  • Explain the nurses role during the resuscitation cycle.
  • Discuss the legal responsibility of the nurse regarding documentation.
  • Identify key areas of documentation to ensure compliance with legal standards.
  • Discuss the purpose of the Trauma Registry.
  • Discuss pertinent clinical guidelines in the care of trauma patients.
  • Discuss in detail the neuro assessment components of the physical examination and history.
  • Demonstrate equipment set-ups for advanced clinical procedures.
  • Demonstrates familiarity with trauma equipment and supplies in the trauma resuscitation room.

Course Schedule for 2011



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To register for this course, please contact Trauma Services at 352-733-0872.