Transfer Center Process

When you call the Transfer Center, a coordinator will ask you for information about the patient you are referring, including the patient’s:

  • Name
  • Current medical condition
  • Reason for transfer
  • Specific medical or surgical service needed
  • Type of insurance coverage

The Transfer Center coordinator will notify the appropriate UF College of Medicine physician of your request. You will be promptly advised of the decision and the bed status for your patient.

Upon acceptance of the patient, we will fax you an Inter-Hospital Transfer Agreement for the appropriate signatures. This form states that you agree that once tertiary services or all medical services available have been provided to the patient, the patient will be returned to the original facility. We ask that this form be completed and returned before the patient transport is initiated. We also ask that the medical records and consent for transfer accompany the patient during the transfer process.

We recommend that your hospital’s Utilization Review Department call the patient’s insurance company, if appropriate, to confirm the company agrees to the transfer and will cover the expense of transportation. If the company will not cover this expense, the patient needs to be informed before transfer that they could be responsible for the bill.

We do not turn down legitimate transfers because of financial reasons. Our physician may decide not to accept a patient in transfer because the medical services requested could be provided in a hospital closer to the area of the referring hospital.

The Transfer Center will send you a follow-up acknowledgement letter indicating:

  • When the patient arrived
  • The location of the patient
  • The name of the attending physician


For more information about the Transfer Center, please call (800) 987-2673.