Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find information on joining the University of Florida faculty?

The College of Medicine handles its own recruiting and employment.

How can I obtain a verification of a practitioner at UF Health Shands Hospital, UF Health Children’s Surgical Center, UF Health Florida Surgical Center, or UF Health Psychiatric Hospital?

Please send your request with an authorization signed by the practitioner to credentials@shands.ufl.edu.

How can I obtain a verification of a practitioner’s training with the University of Florida?

Each Department in the College of Medicine verifies its own training.

What is the credentialing process for new applicants?

Credentialing new applicants is a two-step process at UF Health. The first step is preparation of the pre-application forms and returning them to the Medical Staff Office. After review for eligibility, an application will be mailed. The second step is submission of the actual application.  Verification of the application and its content could take up to 90 days. All requests for application must be processed through the Credentials Committee, Executive Committee and the Board of Trustees and/or their designees.

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